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Eniwe Children’s Fund

Eniwe Children's FundEniwe Children’s Fund: Giving Hope to Children ENIWE Anywhere, is a charity organisation that was started by Robyn Borusso. Robyn and her family travelled to South Africa, where they visited an orphanage in the Eniwe region. The trip would prove to be life altering.

Robyn has contacted us in the hope that we would assist her in setting up a simple website for her charity. As we shared in Robyn’s passion for the cause of the children we have agreed to create a website for her charity.

Visit Eniwe Children’s Fund’s website

Case Study:

Webcube has setup a website and associated domain email for Eniwe Children’s Fund to enable Robyn to showcase her charity and collect once-off and reccuring donations online.

Webcube Services provided:

  • Sharing ideas and advice on how to make Eniwe Children’s fund more successful using internet technologies.
  • Design of website with the necessary website optimistation for search engines.
  • Website hosting
  • Setting up of domain associated email on the Google Apps platform
  • Webmaster services
  • Training and Support


  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Contact Form
  • Donation form integrated with PayPal
  • Photo Galleries
  • Newsletter Subscription and Composer
  • Blog

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